ETHICAL DAIRY PARTNERSHIP. Sensitive to the needs of small dairy cooperatives, absorbs their dairy milk production at a reasonable price.  even shoulders the cost of products beyond expiry to help the farmers minimize their cost. This allows for the small cooperatives to provide fair living and proper working conditions for their Koop members and workers, even allowing them to invest in additional delivery vehicles, improve their facilities and the like. Mike is very personal in relating to its suppliers, even paying visits to dairy farms and attending their Koop meetings. Mike’s close supervision ensures  products retain its premium status.

1. FRESH products are exclusively available in outlets to protect product integrity.

2. FRESH goods delivered to  straight from local farms.

3. Product shelf life is 5-7 days due to FRESHNESS.

4. Ref temperature storage is 2-4 degree C to maintain FRESHNESS.

5. FRESH limited stocks daily.